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Quality Planners Looks Back

January 9, 2012

It’s been ten years since Quality Planners created a ground breaking student planner for the New York City School District. 550,000 middle school and high school students received a student planner with 30 pages of national advertising. The advertising was carefully selected to be school and age appropriate. Having advertising in the planners enabled the students to obtain the planners for free.

“We are very active in trying to go after alternative revenues,” said Michael Coneys, chairperson of the Chancellor’s Committee for Approval of School Advertising, formed in 1996 to regulate in-school marketing to New York’s 1.1 million students. “There are still groups that are very sensitive to it, but if we are responsible, then we really get much fewer complaints.”

In-school marketing through student planners was revolutionary and caught the attention of Adweek. An article detailing this endeavor, “Advertising Part of NYC Schools’ Student Planners” By Jack Feuer appeared November 18, 2002. (Founded in 1978, Adweek is a magazine that appeals to consumers and advertising professionals.)

As we begin 2012, Quality Planners looks forward to breaking ground again with our newest product Plannee. Plannee is an online student planner that will simplify and organize a student’s life.