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Student Planner Updates for 2013-2014

February 1, 2013

Quality Planners, Inc. continuously appreciates feedback from both educators and students. We make improvements based on these suggestions. Each comment is carefully reviewed by our Marketing and Educational staff.

This year we have incorporated customer feedback in creating our 2013-14 student planners. Our Middle School, Special Needs, High School, TRiO and College planners have all been redesigned to accommodate a larger writing area for students. This new design will enable students to stay on top of their assignments and become better at developing good organizational and time management skills.

In our College planner, we have added a new section on Creating A Resume and Cover Letter, Tips For Finding A Job and Preparing for a Job Interview. As college students embark into the job market, these guidelines will help give them an extra boost as they begin their journey into the workplace.

All our planners again feature numerous resource pages at no extra charge. Our Primary planner includes Character Building, Anti-Bullying, Math, Alphabet, Health & Nutrition and Colors & Shapes pages. Our Elementary planner includes Math & Science, Reading Strategies & Essay Writing Methods, Character Building & Anti-Bullying, Health & Nutrition Guidelines and Internet Safety Tips. Our Middle School, Special Needs, High School and TRiO planners include Grammar and Essay Writing, How To Do A Long Term Assignment, Math Measurements, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, Science Measurements and Periodic Table, Anti-Bullying Awareness, Studying, Note Taking & Test Taking Methods, Health and Nutrition Guidelines and Internet Safety Resource Page.

We are also introducing a new Christian Planner. The Christian Student Planner has been designed to meet the specific needs of younger children. Core subjects are pre-printed making it easier for the elementary school student. To promote more effective parent-teacher communication, a section for parent and teacher comments and for parent and teacher initials is included.

Each week includes Biblical quotes and inspirational words, a section for 20 Spelling words and offers tips on Character Building, Studying and Health. Free Resource Pages include learning material on: Math & Science, Reading Strategies, Essay Writing Methods, Character Building & Anti-Bullying, Health & Nutrition Guidelines, Internet Safety Tips and much more.